Husband and wife team, stumbled into making jewelry from collecting rocks and gemstones and after 11 years taking every class we could find and reading a mountains of books we are coming out of the closet and proclaiming to the world "Yes, we are Jewelers and we don't care who knows it!".

Welcome to my online canvas.....

many years, I found myself bookmarking a plethora 0f amazing tutorials shared by fabulous and giving artist. One day I was searching for that one tutorial and I said to myself I really need to do something with all this knowledge at my fingertips.

So here is my thought, each week I plan to post what I make from these many tutorial, I will share the link source and if you enjoy and use this tutorial, please come back and leave a URL for all to enjoy !

Some of you may have followed my previous blog "Your Daily Muse News" I really enjoyed interviewing interesting artist found around the world and hope to share an interview weekly. Contact me if you would like to be interviewed!

Last but not least, I will be showing off my work in progress and other items that will be for sale on Etsy / Artfire !